About us
We are an expert’s team ready to cover all your needs; we have been over 120 years manufacturing and installing furniture. You will receive all this background and experience when you talk to us.

We offer
Inbuilt Design offers a complete service for the hotel without any middleman, from manufacturer to customer, just one party managing and directing the execution of the work.
We help you choose the most appropriate to the type of their clients, integrating our service interior design and decoration, as well as assembly and maintenance.


What if you don’t want a turnkey service?
We budgeted individually any of the following sections:
- Furniture (doors, parquet, cupboards ...)
- Lighting and work
- Textile and Upholstery
- Common areas

Capacity and installation
Inbuilt Design has established partnerships with various sectors as textile manufacturers, systems break, decorators and installers in general. We are renowned manufacturers that take the challenge to work with and for you. The total of our facilities totaling more than 8000 m2 dedicated to the manufacture of furniture, textiles and lighting.

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